Estimated Costs of Surrogacy in Canada

Please note that all amounts are in approximation as every situation is different and amounts can increase or decrease. This information is to be only used as a guide and is not guaranteed.

Expected expenses that will occur prior to and leading up to pregnancy: Estimated Amount:
Surrogate screening clinic fee: $1,800.00
Surrogate out of pocket expenses for screening: $500.00 within Ontario
$1500.00 outside Ontario
Legal Fees: $3500.00 (Intended Parent)
Drafting and signing Surrogacy Agreement $1500.00 (Surrogate)
Clinic fees: include up to two transfers as well as medication. $20,000.00
Third transfer: $4,000.00
Fees vary from clinic to clinic
Cycle monitoring: $500.00 (blood work and ultrasound)
Pre-pregnancy and up to 12 weeks of pregnancy
Transfer expenses for Surrogate: $1000.00 with in Ontario
$2000.00 outside Ontario
Second Beta: confirmation of pregnancy: $500.00
Monthly Reimbursements for Surrogate divided by 10 equal monthly reimbursements: $20,000.00
Amount varies based on Surrogate experience.
Additional expenses that may occur: $2000.00 multiples
$2000.00 C-section
Bed Rest: If doctor ordered $500.00 per week
Life Insurance policy for Surrogate: $500.00 max
Clothing Allowance: $500.00 (singleton)
$750.00 (multiples)
Legal Fees: Declaration of Parentage if needed Est. $6000.00
DNA testing $1,500.00


Surrogacy is an amazing option for couples and individuals to build their family.


Helping create families is the best superpower anyone could ask for.


Every journey starts with a beginning.
Our egg donors are truly miracle starters.