Donor FAQ

Donor Frequently Asked Questions
How do I take the medications?

Most egg donation medications are in injectable form, either placed in your stomach or thigh. The clinic will discuss your protocol with you and inform you on how to take the medications prescribed.

What are the risks?

The primary risk with egg donation is Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome. This is rare and is only in about 1-3% of cases. During your donation period you are closely monitored by the physician to avoid this risk. Side effects may include headaches, nausea, bloating, mild cramping, mood swings and reactions to the injection sites.

Are there any long term risks?

No studies to date have proven egg donation does not have a definitive link with cancer, infertility or any other long term health issues.

How many eggs will be retrieved?

Typically on average they will retrieve 10 – 20 eggs

What is the recovery time?

Most donors will need to rest for up to 24-48 hours after the retrieval. Some may experience bloating until the start of their next menstrual cycle.

Will I have to travel?

Yes, most clinics are located in Ontario, Canada. All expenses for your travel will be covered.

Will I get paid to donate?

No, it is illegal to pay someone to donate in Canada. However you are entitled to be reimbursed for the out of pocket expenses pertaining to the donation. Depending on your expenses it may be around $5000.00. Amount is determined by your expenses.

I have an STD, can I still donate?

Yes. If the STD occurred more than a year ago. But is subject to doctors’ decision.

Will I have to abstain from sex during the process?

Yes, it is requested that you do abstain from sex during the process as you will be extremely fertile while on the medication and risk becoming pregnant.

Will I need to pay or have my health insurance cover any medical expenses?

Will I need to pay or have my health insurance cover any medical expenses?

I am on birth control can I still donate?

Yes, but you will need to follow the clinics instructions as to when you must stop using the birth control. Woman who are on Depo-Provera must be off for several months before they can donate.

Will I have to miss school or work?

Yes, you must have a flexible schedule in order to attend appointments. There will be approximately 6 appointments as well as retrieval day. Please allow 24-48 hours after retrieval to rest.


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