The gift of life

Egg donation is the most generous gift someone can give. By donating your eggs to someone you are giving them hope that miracles can happen. Here are some qualifications on becoming an egg donor.

• Are between the ages of 20-34
• Physically and mentally healthy
• Do not abuse alcohol
• Do not use any recreational drugs
• Non-smoker
• Meet the appropriate BMI
• No history of mental illness in your family or for yourself

A few things to consider before becoming an egg donor:
• Do you have a flexible schedule? The egg donation process includes 6-8 clinic appointments plus egg retrieval. Once the retrieval is done you will need a day or two to rest.
• Have you talk to your spouse/partner, children, family or friends about your decision to become an egg donor?
• You will need to have a companion stay with you on the day of retrieval.
• Medication for the egg stimulation process will be given to you, all medication must be taken directly as prescribed. This may include but not limited to tablets (pills), suppositories and or injections (which the clinic will show you how to self administer.)

The egg donation process takes approximately 90 days from the time your profile is selected by Intended Recipients. To apply please fill out an application, once we receive your application one of our team members will be in contact with you to go over the process.


Surrogacy is an amazing option for couples and individuals to build their family.


Helping create families is the best superpower anyone could ask for.


Every journey starts with a beginning.
Our egg donors are truly miracle starters.